Welcome to my Signature gig.
A typeface can make or break brands !
Do you know a font speaks ?
its a face of your business, its an identity, it is YOU..
Its a different category of people who like to have signature style for their business. Its Trustworthy and builds Unique Identity.
There is two styles, Handwritten and Calligraphy. let me know how you need.

NOTE: Will design only textual logo, Please do not ask me to incorporate icons / images / caricatures with textual logos. You may be wrong, If you think selecting a font is not a big deal.. It is a typography !!! I will not recommend for Acronyms or ALL CAPS

File Format: PNG and JPG in 1000 px wide

SIGNATURE / WORDMARK for your business. Signature will be helpful for your business to get the unique brand identity in your promotional. Signature/wordmark black and white or select colour in JPG + PNG 1000pix wide signature. My service is to suggest suitable font based on alphabet structure of the name. All fonts are free for personal use like blog or name signature, Ask me the font details if you are planning to register trademark attorney to build a commercial brand in the future** ORDER YOUR SIGNATURE / WORDMARK logo.